Monday, August 9, 2010

Help La Mesa Water Shed ! R.O.X Tree Planting Activity: "Save life for a reason, Despite of a rainy day season !"

Heavy Rains. Muddy Trails. Slippery Road.

Well, these are not set to be a hindrance for us not to fulfill our mission to help La Mesa Water Shed.
I was luckily invited to be a part of the R.O.X Tree Planting Activity  held at La Mesa Water Shed Quirino Highway Caloocan City last August 8.

To give you here a quick head's up about La Mesa Water Shed:

La Mesa Water Shed serves a water reservoir for the 12 million consumers from Metro Manila and other near provinces. With the 2,700 hectares part  of Sierra Madre owned by Metro Manila Waterworks and Sewerage  System(MWSS) it also serves us a biodiversity from different species of  trees and animals. Because of human deterioration, it needs to undergo  for a reforestation to prevent total destruction.

Save La Mesa Watershed Project was been established by MWSS with the  cooperation of ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. and ABS-CBN Bantay Kalikasan to  rehabilitate La Mesa Water Shed. From help and donations given by  different organizations,La Mesa Water Shed was rated 92% survival rate  on the seedlings planted within the area.
To know more about La Mesa Water Shed Program, you can visit:

Headed by the Training Specialist Ms. Christine Fernandez from R.O.X Philippines and Prime Group together with the help of College of St. Benilde Export Management Society Students headed by Ms. Mirabel, Sykes Outdoor People, several people from blogging community Vet Bloggers: Sir Jayson, Kuya Alvin, and Ate Rina, R.O.X Customers and Facebook fans we were able to plant 50 seedlings of banaba tree at the La Mesa Water Shed.

A warmth welcome and assistance was given to us at the La Mesa Water Shed by Mr. Dave Asurin, Assistant Project Manager giving some information about the Save La Mesa Water Shed Project and Mr. Anastacio Sta. Cruz, Plant Supervisor who serves as the tour guide ranger to the planting area.

               Orientation session, giving brief info's about the La Mesa Water Shed and teaching us the proper way to plant the seedlings. 

 The campground site serves as the activity lecture area.

Sir Dave as he gives welcome remarks for the team.

Sir Tasyo as he teach us the proper way of planting the seedlings.
Small shovel, one of the materials to plant trees.
The hole in which seedlings will be planted.
               Here comes the journey, walking 2km from the campground site to the planting area during the heavy rains, muddy trails and slippery roads.

Starting the walk to go to the planting area.
Despite of the rain,  we need to walk, walk, and walk to reach the planting site.

Taking  break along the way. Taking some pics. (Me together w/ the team.)
One of the slippery road we've encountered on the way to the planting area.
Here comes the muddy trail at the bridge and it's really slippery!
               Giving Life. Planting Trees. Helping Mother Nature. The team in action at the planting area! 

Me.. Planting my own tree ! I used to name it "bloggimity" .. :)

Me together with my supervisor, Sir Jayson planting trees. (He's one of my boss and my mentor in blogging, the one who encouraged me to blog.) Here's Sir Jayson blog: you can also visit his site.
Ms. "Z" short for Ate Zhinia, one of my new friend (just met her at the activity) from Gold's Gym.
Ms. Mirabel, the group head of the College of St. Benilde Export Management Society.
Ate Rins, one of the vets blogger I met there.. Ohh! by the way here's her blog you can also visit  her site.

               The Team R.O.X, College of St. Benilde Export Management Society Students, Sykes Outdoor People, R.O.X Facebook fans and fellow bloggers, these concerned people who gives effort to plant a tree, "saving life for a reason despite of the rainy day season".

The Team.

Let's Help Mother Nature! Our nature has been deteriorated, and us human are also the one who destructed it despite of the benefits given to us. But it is not too late! Let's help each other's hand, give time, give effort and give love to our Mother Nature!

Saving life for a reason despite of a rainy day season!...